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TikTok - Make Your Day
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TikTok Review

TikTok is an extremely popular app developed by ByteDance and released in 2016. The idea of TikTok is simple: users are able to upload and watch short videos. Despite this simplicity, the app has obtained popularity due to several key features further described in this review.

Design and navigation: Intuitive and Comfortable

New users in TikTok would be impressed by the design of this app: it is not only easy to the eye, but also very comfortable to use and navigate through the sections. Scrolling feed, liking videos and subscribing to channels is ultimately simple: you just swipe the video to skip it, or like and subscribe with one tap without having to stop the video or to go to another page. Moreover, creating content is also simple in TikTok. For example, to add music to your video, you just have to select a song from the built-in library in several taps.

Features and Usability: Simple yet smart

The key features include a comfortable and easy to use video editing tool, the artificial intelligence used to recommend videos for users, and the option to use popular songs in the videos. Despite the fact that TikTok is a simple app used for scrolling short videos, the developers have managed to make it extremely addictive: at first, you just look for the videos you might like, but later the feed selects the content based on your preferences and it is hard to stop scrolling. TikTok genuinely follows the trend of creating apps that seem to be easy, but have the most advanced technologies behind the curtains. The app does everything for you to enjoy the content, is absolutely free to use and allows its authors to use popular music in the videos, what else would you need?

Security: Nothing to Lose

Though TikTok has been part in several security controversies, including its ban on US-issued military devices and the statements made by some politics, TikTok is pretty safe for individual users, especially for content-viewers. It does track your activities inside the app, though all the social media platforms do the same. As in all other cases, we recommend using the app cautiously and not putting any sensitive personal data inside.

Conclusion: Do Not Get Too Addicted

TikTok is a nice app, and it is so popular for a reason. There are short videos for almost every taste, and as long as you are fine with the format, you will most probably enjoy TikTok. The only major issue is that the app is extremely addictive and you may lose yourself for hours by scrolling short videos.


  • TikTok has been part in security controversies
  • A lot of videos of doubtful quality


  • Smart feed, selecting videos based on your preferences
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface
  • A lot of content available for any taste

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 10

Security 6

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  • love this and it deserves to be more famous, like im not joking it deserves it <3
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  • I saw tic tok and decided to download which is fast and easy
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