Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger
Author: Viber Media S.à r.l.
Size: Varies with device
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Viber Messenger Review

Viber is a popular messenger app developed by Viber Media and initially released in 2010. Viber has over 800 million registered users and more than 250 million monthly active users. Its most common features include sending text and voice messages, making calls and sharing content.

Design and navigation: Easy Chatting

The app’s design is pretty smooth and sharp, as it does not distract you from chatting. Moreover, there are some customization features like changing the chat background for a better user experience. The fixed design is also nice, the buttons and fonts are picked cautiously and look good on their spots.

The navigation of Viber is also rather comfortable: you easily switch between chats, create new groups and share content. Viber is even popular between older generations, meaning the developers have managed to make it simple even for new users.

Features and usability: Anything You Want to Send

Viber is great at what it does. Its main feature is to contact to people, and there is a number of features to do that: you can send text or voice messages, make calls, send photos and videos, share links, send stickers and create public or group chats. All these features work properly and allow you to share almost anything with your friends or relatives. Many people use Viber as their main tool for communication, so many of your friends and colleagues might be using it already.

Viber is usually compared to WhatsApp, and it is better in several terms. First of all, Viber allows to send expiring messages. It also has a feature to send free SMS messages to other people. Viber can also receive messages in autonomous mode.

Security: Pretty Safe

Viber uses encryption for its messages and has not yet been part of data breach scandals. However, it is a popular app that collects data of millions users, so there is always a risk of massive hacker attacks. Viber deletes all the encrypted contact from its servers as soon as it is delivered, so they actually are pretty secure.

Conclusion: Good Option for Personal Use

Viber is a good tool for everyday communication with friends and relatives, though it might not be the best option for business talks or sharing sensitive information. It is deleted from Viber servers as soon as it is delivered, but there is always a chance someone will intercept the message.


  • Viber is still less popular than WhatsApp, so your friends are likely using it instead
  • Some messengers offer more customization options and features


  • Convenient and comfortable interface
  • All the necessary communication functions
  • A lot of stickers to choose from
  • Customization options
  • Encryption of messages, pretty good protection

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 8

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