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Uber Review

Uber is an app for ordering and paying for taxis, private drivers or deliveries. The app is developed by Uber Technologies Inc. and was initially released in 2011. The service operates in 71 countries around the globe.

Design and navigation: Easy Ride

The app is designed in a convenient and user-friendly way. The essential features are easily found in the menu, while the app clearly provides all the information needed. As the most popular features of the app are connected with taking a cab, the interface is oriented for that. It is very simple to find a car, select all the necessary options, and the rest is done by Uber. It finds the car, sends the information to your driver, provides you with information about that driver, and gives details about your rides. The navigation is simple for other features as well, though to use them, you have to do a little more taps.

Features and usability: Quality Over Quantity

There are not so many features provided by Uber, though the ones they provide are good. The company mainly focuses on taxi rides and does a lot of work to make it better. Other features include door to door delivery, which is convenient for passing stuff to your friends or relatives and us much faster than ordering courier services. In New York City, Uber even offers helicopter rides: the machine flies between Manhattan and JFK Airport and drops you at any available helipad on your way.

The only feature of Uber that requires improvement is its customer support. In case something goes wrong with your trip or your delivery, it might be hard to contact the support service, and in case you’ve managed to contact them, there is no guarantee they will help.

Safety & Security: Safe Rides, Vulnerable App

Though the taxi rides in Uber are safe and all the drivers and vehicles are good, the app itself is considered vulnerable. From time to time, the company gets in data breach scandals, the last of which was a breach affecting more than 55 million riders. We recommend using the app cautiously, as your account may be actually lost at any time.

Conclusion: Too Popular

To sum up, we can say that Uber is a solid choice for taxi rides and deliveries, though there might be better options. The problem is that the service is way too popular, it attracts too many hackers and scammers, while the support may not always cope with the flow of the requests. For most cities, there will be good alternatives, maybe even cheaper ones.


  • Insecure app with several data breach issues
  • There are comparable alternatives on the market


  • Great design and interface navigation: you won’t get lost
  • Cheap rides with comfort
  • Fast order, fast delivery
  • Sufficient safety of rides

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 7

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