Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor
Author: tinyBuild
Category: Adventure
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Hello Neighbor Review

Hello Neighbor is a survival horror game developed by Dynamic Pixels and initially released in 2017. The player has to reveal the mystery behind his suspicious neighbor. The neighbor is controlled by AI and is able to set traps based on the player’s actions.

Gameplay and Story: Puzzling

The game is divided into four acts, each of them describing different periods of life of the main character. The gameplay, however, does not face significant changes through the development of the story, the game just becomes slightly more difficult.

What makes Hello Neighbor good is the gameplay. The typical mechanics of a quest game are mixed with sandbox elements, which adds some fun to puzzle solving. You can mess around in Hello Neighbor, throw stuff into windows, wander around the neighborhood, and play mini-games. The Neighbor is not that smart, as he could be: the AI is able to understand the route of the player and set traps around it, but that feature does not work all the time properly.

Graphics: Pretty Unique and Stylish

The visuals are a bit higher than average for mobile games. Unlike many other games on the platform, Hello Neighbor is based on the Unreal Engine 4, which gives it an opportunity to have better graphics than in Unity-based games. Hello Neighbor isn’t trying to be realistic visually, it focuses on style instead. The models slightly remind of the cartoons, but it looks unlike anything we have seen before. This is especially true for buildings and interiors: furniture, tools and other stuff inside the houses are looking pretty unique. The game was originally developed for PC, but the selected visual stylistics allows it to run properly on mobile devices as well.

Controls: Not Distracting

In order to control your character in Hello Neighbor, you have to use only two buttons, except for moving and rotating camera. There are various kinds of interactions like picking up, using and dropping items, and for all these features, you use the same two buttons. They are easily accessible on the mobile version and do not overload interface, so the controls are good.

Conclusion: Worth Trying

To sum up, we can say that Hello Neighbor is definitely worth trying and is one of the best options available for quest lovers. The riddles are interesting and require some thinking and experimenting, the sandbox elements allow you to mess around and have some fun, while the variety of ways to complete levels add replay value to the game.


  • AI is not so stable, as it jumps between strong and weak
  • Alpha version of the game was much better, according to gamer reviews.


  • Attractive visual style
  • Many possible ways to complete the same puzzle
  • AI adapts to your playstyle
  • Sandbox elements are rather fun.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 8

Gameplay 6

Lasting Appeal 5

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  • I like this game and it is cool funny and fun to play
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  • Best game ever love it good game it’s fun super fun.
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