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Roblox Review

Roblox is a multiplayer game platform based on Reality Engine. It has been initially released in 2006 for windows and later ported to iOS, Android, Xbox one, and other platforms. Roblox is basically a platform for creating levels and mini-games with a variety of tools.

Gameplay: Anything Is Possible

Gameplay in Roblox is not fixed as in other games and has almost no limits. In its essence, Roblox is a platform, where people create game modes and share them with each other. The developer tools are rather advanced, so the creators are able to make almost an eternal variety of game modes. From the perspective of a player, Roblox experience is close to community servers of Counter-Strike, as they also have a lot of different game modes of all kinds. Most popular servers in Roblox include RPG mode servers with experience and abilities, tower defense mode servers, racing servers, and many others.

Graphics: Too Old, My Friend

Graphics might be the weakest point of Roblox, as the game is visually outdated. The game has received some graphical updates after release, but it still lacks details very much. Stylistically it is close to Minecraft, as most of the objects here consist of cube blocks. Though, the fillings may be different on different servers, it is still hard to play nowadays, unless you haven’t tried the game before and have nostalgic emotions now.

What’s good about graphics is that they allow the game to run on mobile devices. What’s even better is that there is cross-play between platforms. Unfortunately, cross-play is not supported by every server, but you can still play some of them with your friends.

Controls: Better Play on PC, Though Mobile Is Fine

Comparing PC and Mobile versions, controls are better on PC just because most of the servers are developed for PC players and require more than two buttons to control your character. As for the other servers, the game is pretty mobile-friendly, as it usually utilizes a few buttons, which perfectly fit the screens of mobile devices. Rotating camera and running at the same time might be tricky on mobile, but for experienced gamers, that would not be a problem.

Conclusion: Good for Its Time

Roblox was a pretty nice platform back in the 00’s. Despite the fact it is now ported on the latest generation Xbox and mobile, the core of the game is very outdated. The community grew after these ports, and there are a lot of exciting modes to play, but there are better community-made games available.


  • Outdated graphics, lacking details
  • Cross-play isn’t supported on all servers
  • Some servers and game modes do not work properly on mobile.


  • Almost infinite space for the creativity of mode creators
  • A lot of unique community servers available
  • Cross-play between platforms.

Graphics and Sound 9

Controls 10

Gameplay 10

Lasting Appeal 10

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