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Netflix Review

Netflix is a content streaming platform, providing access to popular shows and movies, as well as to Netflix's original series. The service provides content on a subscription basis, and the most popular original releases include the Witcher series, the Punisher series, Stranger Things and BoJack Horseman.

Design and navigation: Youth's Favorite

Netflix has become extremely popular among youth, so the design of the app is modern and trendy. Netflix has its app for almost all platforms, including Android, iOS, PC, and even TV operating systems, while its visual design is the same between different versions. The interface is pleasing to the eye: there are stylish preview posters in the show selection menus, creating a cinematic atmosphere around choosing a show to watch. As for the navigation, it is immensely simple: you will not get lost in the interface. It is easy to find the necessary show, easy to start or continue watching it, and everything else is also easy.

Features and usability: The Greatest Ideas Are the Simplest

There are not so many features available to Netflix users: you may only choose a show to watch, hit the play, skip an intro and customize subtitles. If needed, you may also add a show to your list or rate a show you've just watched. Moreover, most users are comfortable with just choosing a show and hitting the play button. It may seem that the platform lacks features, but it does not: Netflix is exactly about plug and play. The usability of Netflix on all platforms is exceptional, as it is unbelievably simple to start watching something you want, the service does everything else for you. It has the highest video quality available, subtitles for many languages, compatibility with many devices and many more.

Security: Mostly Up to You

Personal data is more or less secure on Netflix: the company has not been part in major data leak scandals. However, the security of your own account is not something Netflix focuses on. The only two features for account safety are phone password recovery and signing out of all devices. For other cases, Netflix only recommends you to set a strong password, not to share it and etc.

Conclusion: Nice for Series Fans

Netflix is one of the leaders in the content streaming market. The company has managed to release a number of original series, which became popular, and obtain rights to stream popular content from other creators. The platform is easy to use on all devices and is an excellent choice for watching content. The service is provided by paid subscription, but it is definitely worth it for series fans.


  • Price of $12.99 per month is comparably high
  • Voiceover is not always available for other languages.


  • A wide choice of movies and series to watch
  • Exclusive original content
  • Plug and play, easy to set up
  • High quality of video and multi-language subtitles.

Design and Usability 9

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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