Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook
Author: Microsoft Corporation
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Microsoft Outlook Review

Outlook is a program developed by Microsoft and deeply integrated with other Office software. It was initially released in 1997 and ported to mobile devices in 2015. Outlook has a number of features, including organization of e-mail inbox, planning of meetings and sending reminders.

Design and navigation: Unusually Simple

Like all the other Microsoft Office programs, Outlook has a fine and convenient design. It is logical, as the new versions are released rather frequently, improving and polishing features and design. The interface is not only pleasant to look at, but also stylistically matches the other Office software.

As the essence of Outlook is to organize information, it would be odd if the navigation was not intuitive. Microsoft developers do their job well, and Outlook is very comfortable to use, even if you are new to the program.

Features and usability: Organize Yourself

As for the features, Outlook is not as impressive as, for example, Excel. Though, it has a simpler idea: Outlook is needed to organize information, and it does its job well. One of the main features is the mailbox: it allows you not only to comfortably receive e-mails from several mailboxes of yours, but also has various integrations with other Microsoft software. For example, you may preview Excel files received without opening Excel.

Other functions are also helpful in terms of organizing information: smart calendar allows to set yourself reminders about meetings, folder feature lets you set up the whole structure of your inbox, the import-export feature allows to transfer all the Outlook data from device to another and so on.

Security: Trusted by Top Companies

As for the security of mailboxes, Outlook is one of the best options available. Many companies use it as software for corporate e-mails and there are reasons for it. Even audit firms, which operate with extremely sensitive financial information, use Outlook. It does not provide complete security, though, but combined with internal network security grants almost complete safety for your information.

Conclusion: Great Tool for Business

Outlook might be used for personal e-mails, though it opens its full potential, while being a tool for business. It is a perfect choice for corporate e-mails and might help you to increase your productivity by organizing the information in a convenient way.


  • Does not offer complete security, needs additional protection
  • Might not be as helpful for a common user.


  • Comfortable and modern design
  • Powerful tool for business, increasing your productivity
  • Perfect choice for corporate e-mails
  • Deep integration with Office software
  • Unlike some Office products, Outlook is easy to learn.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 8

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