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Instagram Review

Instagram is one of the most popular photo hosting social networks nowadays. It mainly focuses on sharing photos and videos, but it also has a number of other features. Instagram was originally released in 2010 and was purchased by Facebook in 2012.

Design and navigation: Trendy and Comfortable for Everyone

The app has not faced significant changes in design through the years, only minor improvements. The developers are following general design trends successfully, Instagram’s interface is looking modern, trendy and comfortable. The navigation is made in a way, which allows new users to quickly understand the way Instagram works, and the experienced users to quickly access all the necessary features. The buttons for the most needed features are always available at the bottom of the screen, so that the user is always able to switch from scrolling the feed to creating posts, for example.

Features and usability: Photo & Video Oriented

There are several key features in Instagram. Posting allows to share photos or videos in your profile, stories tool allows to upload short videos, which expire in 24 hours, IGTV allows to upload long videos and another tool makes livestreaming possible. There is also a bunch of features aimed at discussing content: there are comments, reactions and direct messages. The feed automatically adapts to your interests, showing you the content you like first.

All these features work properly and the app is frequently updated. However, Instagram is photo & video oriented, so it is not a platform for chatting or making online calls. The social network does its job well and it isn’t trying to be something else.

Security: Safe, But Not Invulnerable

Account protection is fine in Instagram: the network recommends its users to pick strong passwords, change them regularly and turn on two-factor authentication. So you may be pretty sure your account is safe. However, the personal data, which Instagram picks is not so secured: in 2019 there was a breach that exposed personal data of almost 50 million users.

Conclusion: Go for It

Instagram is one the best networks to share photos and videos. It is extremely popular, meaning all your friends are probably using it already. There were some breaches in security, though all the popular networks are more or less vulnerable to hacker attacks. In most cases, you just have to think twice before entering any sensitive information online and you will be fine.


  • There have been some security issues in the past
  • There is almost no way to directly content user support team.


  • Easy to start and comfortable to use
  • Modern design, which frequently gets trendy updates
  • A lot of features for sharing content
  • Your friends are most probably using it already.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 9

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