imo beta free calls and text

imo beta free calls and text
Author: imo.im
Size: 11M
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imo Beta Free Calls and Text Review

Imo free calls & text is a communicational app, developed by imo company. The beta version of the app is currently available for Android users and offers a wide variety of features. Imo positions itself as a comfortable and functional messenger app.

Design and navigation: Takes Some Time

The design of imo beta app is modern and minimalistic: the interface is not overloaded with buttons or contrast colors, instead, it focuses on the functionality. The navigation is moderately comfortable: you will most likely find the feature you need, but it may take a few swipes and taps between menus, as it is not very intuitive at first.

The users also report that the latest design update has made the app less comfortable to use, as the previous version’s structure of tabs and panels was more intuitive and easy to use. Despite all the stated factors, the app is still comfortable and functional, it just takes time to get used to it.

Features and usability: Swiss Knife

Imo beta app offers the same features as frontline messengers like WhatsApp or Viber and even more. You can make audio and video calls, write in personal or group chats, share photos, videos and music. It is also possible to send voice messages, post stories and connect to same chat rooms from different devices like PC’s. The PC version is also quite good and allows to start a chat on your phone and continue from your computer.

The usability of imo beta is on a good level: the calls and messages work properly. The only issue is the navigation described above, everything else works well. The app is still in beta, so updates break some features from time to time, but the developers monitor the reports and react rather quickly, fixing the new bugs.

Security: Save Yourselves

Security and safety is the only negative thing we can say about imo beta app. Unfortunately, it does not offer any kind of message encryption, which means all the inbox and sent items are vulnerable. As for the account safety, it is on average level. You can protect your account by phone verification, which will prevent unwanted logins, but that is it. Strong password and phone linking are the only guards of your account.

Conclusion: Why Choose Imo

To sum up, imo beta is a nice app full of features, but it lacks security. Most of the messenger apps offer encrypted messages, which come along with the same features. So, why would you choose imo beta over Telegram, for example? The answer is up to you.


  • Security is poor, as the messages are not encrypted
  • The app is not intuitive at first.


  • A lot of features
  • PC version, which is synchronized with mobile version
  • Phone verification for the account.

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 7

Security 6

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