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Gmail Review

Gmail is the app for e-mails developed by Google and released on mobile platforms in 2014. The app basically performs all the functions of the web version of Gmail and has its own features as well.

Design and navigation: Modern and Smart

The design of the mobile app matches the design of the web version of Gmail: the fonts and images used in the interface are the same. What’s different is the navigation. On the PC web-version, you can always see the folders list on the left, while on the mobile, you have to perform a swipe to see them. This is a reasonable decision made by Google, as the text of the e-mails would be too small otherwise. Some features, therefore, are available through several swipes and taps, but it is still comfortable and easy to navigate. The app meets you with quick instruction, which would remove any possible questions concerning navigation.

Features and usability: Functional and Simple

The features, as we have stated above, are the same as on the web version. You can write, receive or delete e-mails, move them between folders mark letters as spam and etc. The killing feature of the mobile app is the notifications. You can set up and configure push-notifications to instantly know about a new letter waiting in the mailbox. This is extremely convenient, as in the web-version, you have to keep the page open all the time, while on the mobile, you will receive a notification as long as you have a stable connection to the Internet. The usability of the mobile app is also great, but it may take some time to get used to the controls.

Security: A Safe Choice

Comparing to other mobile mailboxes, Gmail is one of the most secure choices. It has a multi-factor authentication feature, which prevents an unwanted login. There is also a security checklist, which helps to configure strong account protection with a step by step guide. The protection from phishing and other dangerous letters works the same way as on the web-version: suspicious e-mails are directed into the spam folder, and a warning appears upon opening them.

Conclusion: An Essential Tool Made Simple

To sum up, Gmail is a nice choice for a mobile mailbox, as it has all the necessary features, it is easy to use and secure enough. The Google brand inspires trust, and you can be sure that the company will constantly be improving the service, implementing new trendy features and maintaining security on a high level.


  • You will have to get used to the swipe controls
  • Some features are available through several swipes and taps


  • Same features as on the web-version
  • Easy and comfortable navigation High level of security, which is easy to set up
  • Notifications allowing to instantly receive e-mails

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 10

Security 10

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  • I am using a mintt phone. No matter which method I use ,y emails won't delete. They disappear for 2or 3 seconds, them reappear. What is the problem?
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