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Facebook Review

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks originally launched in 2004 and released on Android and IOS in 2008. Facebook has been growing rapidly over the past decade and now has over 2.6 billion active users every month.

Clean and easy to use

The mobile version has a modern and comfortable interface. It is designed in a way, which allows to reach the most important functions in a few taps. The navigation is as well very comfortable and intuitive. The interface has separate buttons for several key functions, which are reachable all the time. This allows you to go to the feed, communities section or the notifications menu in one tap. For the other functions used more rarely, there is a menu button. In general, the interface is not overloaded as all the buttons for non-essential functions are placed where you want them to be: if you need to manage a group, you can find the corresponding button on the group page.

All in one

Facebook is one of the most advanced social networks in terms of a variety of functions. First of all, there is a bunch of tools for interacting with other people, starting with friends and groups systems and ending with comments and reactions options. The second group of features focuses on content creation: on Facebook you can create posts, upload videos and share them through direct messages or on your wall. Other features help users to view this content: there is a news feed, which displays the most important posts based on each user’s specific interests. Along with the news feed comes the timeline, which allows to view the most recent posts. There is also a significant amount of other features covering most of the user’s potential needs.

Safe from the outside, but nor from the inside

The security topic is quite controversial for Facebook. From one point, the social network allows to protect your account with various security measures: multi-factor authentication, phone and e-mail confirmations for logging into the account from new devices or locations. But on the other hand, the company was involved in several scandals concerning user data privacy. The most significant scandal occurred in 2019, where the Facebook company was accused of gathering sensitive personal information of about a hundred million users.

Good choice, if used cautiously

To sum up, Facebook is one of the best choices available on the social network market right now. It has all the necessary features, and what’s even more important, it has all the people. Almost everyone is actively using Facebook, which sometimes makes it the most convenient way to contact a friend or a colleague. The security, however, is an issue, so we strongly recommend not to leave sensitive personal information on Facebook.


  • Security issues, as the platform gathers personal information
  • For some specific features, other social networks are more comfortable


  • Smart news feed, which filters the most interesting content
  • Variety of communication features
  • Huge user database allowing to contact almost any person
  • Facebook is comfortable to use on all devices
  • The network is absolutely free to use

Design and Usability 8

Key Functions 7

Security 8

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