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Granny Review

Granny is a survival-horror indie game for mobile devices developed by DVloper and released in 2017. The game is a spin-off to the Slendrina series of horror games from the same developers.

Gameplay+story: Almost Nothing Special

The plot is not the most impressive part of Granny. It is quite simple: the main character is locked in a house by a creepy old woman, and his mission is to escape this house within five days. The gameplay also offers nothing fundamentally new: you can use different tools to open doors, interact with objects to find hidden keys, and hide from the Granny in wardrobes or under beds. For example, sometimes, you will have to move boxes to find a key underneath them, and sometimes you will have to find a screwdriver to open a panel containing another useful item. The only interesting feature that distinguishes Granny from other games is the noise made by using or dropping items: it attracts the woman and adds some variety to the gameplay.

Graphics: The Weakest Point of Granny

Granny is not an outstanding game in terms of graphics as well. The game is based on Unity, which should already create a picture in your mind. Unity provides more or less stable performance but does not usually allow to implement realistic graphics. Some developers solve this problem by creating their projects in non-realistic styles, but Granny is not one of those projects. The weak visual part directly affects the immersion: it is hard to get scared when some of the graphics make you laugh.

Controls: Comfortable to Play

Unity engine has definitely helped the developers to set up convenient controls. In Granny, there are multiple ways to interact with objects: you can shoot from a crossbow or use a screwdriver, for example. All the items may be picked up and dropped in a single tap. In general, it is comfortable to play Granny, the interface does not block the view, and the controls are pretty smooth.

Conclusion: Fine Quest, Average Horror

To sum up, Granny is a fine game, neither perfect nor bad. If you like horror games, you may give it a try, as there are not so many other options on mobile platforms. However, for experienced players, who have tried PC horrors, Granny would rather be funny than scary. For such gamers, we recommend treating the game as a quest, not as a horror.


  • Graphics are not impressive at all
  • The game fails to reach immersion.


  • Various objects to interact with
  • Convenient controls
  • Interesting sound mechanics: Granny reacts to loud noises.

Graphics and Sound 7

Controls 10

Gameplay 9

Lasting Appeal 8

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