Top-5 Cool Smartphone Summer Apps to Check Out in 2020

If like millions of other people around the world, the Covid-19 outbreak has forced you to choose a staycation over a traditional summer holiday in a foreign country, we recommend taking a closer look at the following list of top-5 summer apps that can cheer you up and help make the most out of your lockdown time.


#1 SnapSeed

Even if a tropical island holiday is not an option this year, it does not mean your summer photos have to be anything less than amazing. We bet there are going to be quite a few breathtaking moments you will want to keep in memory, and the free SnapSeed summer camera app for iOS and Android smartphones will help make sure that each pic you take is a piece of art. This sophisticated mobile application allows enhancing your photos and sharing them with your friends, no fuss. By the time you are done editing, your pics will look like they had been shot by a world-class pro!

#2 RootsRated

Being in the out-of-doors is a great way to relax and fight the effects of stress and anxiety. You do not have to travel far to see new places and live out new experiences. RootsRated is a handy app for holidays that will advise you on where to go locally for some crazy outdoor fun. Use this free iOS app to get the inside scoop on the best places for hiking, fishing, cycling, swimming, trail running, and more, along with first-hand tips from local outdoor enthusiasts.

#3 Wolfram

Are you planning a family outing to the beach or want to bask in the sun in your backyard? Whichever it is, you will need to take precautions to avoid getting sunburns. Wolfram is a cool $0.99 app for iOS designed to help you calculate how long it is safe to stay out in the sun without risking skin damage. Based on the time of the day, your current location, complexion, and the type of SPF protection you are wearing, this smartphone app will warn you when you have had enough exposure to sunlight.

#4 Songza

Songza is one of the best apps 2020 for iOS and Android devices that is an absolute must-try for every music fan. It has a well-chosen playlist of quality music for almost any occasion and event. Depending on time of the day, your mood, the genre you prefer, and the type of activity you are engaged in, this free app will suggest a selection of inspirational songs that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

#5 Cocktail Flow

Having friends over for a dinner party or planning a poolside bash with your girlfriends? You will need some professional cocktail mixing advice! Cocktail Flow is an excellent free app for Android and iOS that will quickly suggest many delicious drink recipes based on the ingredients you have in store. With over 600 superb cocktail and smoothie formulas, your every jamboree will be a huge success!

Enjoy Your Summer 2020 to the Fullest

With the said apps installed on your smartphone, nothing can stop you from having fun this summer! Use the comment section below to let us know what you think! Also, feel free to suggest your favorite apps to try out this year.

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