Snapchat’s New Feature is a Jab at TikTok

Great news for those of you who felt that Snapchat did not provide them with enough options for creativity and self-expression. The app is rolling out a new, TikTok-style feature, and it looks like this one is going to be a bid for success. Geared towards Snap’s English-speaking audience, the new functionality is already available to users in Australia and New Zealand, the rest of us will have to wait till fall to try it out.

Snap to the Music


Based on what we know so far, the new feature will allow Snapchaters to embed popular songs in the videos they record directly from within the app. To make it possible, Snapchat will host an extensive catalog of curated music from Merlin, Warner Music Group, UMPG, etc. The new feature is designed in a label-friendly way, meaning you will get to view the title of the song and the name of the artist, as well as receive a link to streaming platforms where this song can be found.

It is unlikely that there will be a “For You” content feed of videos or that the users will be able to search for a piece that contains the same sound or song – the two killer options TikTok is appreciated for. However, Snapchat spokespeople claim the novel functionality was developed with the focus on making the platform a place for more personalized and individual creativity that can be shared with a limited circle of ‘real friends’ only.

Is Snapchat Capitalizing on TikTok’s Low Moment?

Given all the uncertainty surrounding the future of TikTok in the USA now, Snapchat seems to be trying to cash in on the competitor’s moment of weakness and rival the popular platform in a new arena. Only the time will show whether it is destined to succeed. What do you make of all this? Feel free to share your thoughts on the subject in the comments below!

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