Mobile Games for Quality Couple Bonding Time

With so many apps designed to help people meet and fall in love, it is not surprising that roughly 1 in 10 Americans today begin a successful relationship using mobile dating software. If an app can work to help singles meet their soul mates, perhaps it can be just as useful for couples who want to get to know their partners better?

It turns out there are plenty of mobile games that can be used to fuel your relationship with your partner and better connect with them physically, psychologically, and intellectually. We introduce the top five games for a couple that will help you bond with your significant other like never before.

Top-5 best mobile games for couples to try in 2020


#1 Heads Up!

Heads Up! is one of the funniest multiplayer mobile games for couples out there. The rules are simple: you pick a card category and hold the phone to your head so that anyone but you can see what is on the screen. Then, your partner has to try to make you guess what they see by miming and acting out the answer. This game inspires a lot of creativity and collaboration between the two partners, which can help understand each other in a completely new way.

#2 Kindu

Kindu makes it possible for couples to learn about their partner’s most intimate wishes through participating in various fun activities together, suggesting romantic ideas to each other, and communicating privately about their secret desires. The double-blind match system will make sure that the partners can only see the ideas that both of them agree to.

#3 Happy Couple

Of all questions for couple games, Happy Couple is the most popular one. Here, each partner gets five short daily questions about themselves and their significant other. If your answer is correct, you score points and unlock new challenges. By regularly playing the Happy Couple game, you will soon learn everything there is to know about each other. The game will be especially helpful to couples who are at the very start of their relationship.

#4 Between

Between provides a secure and intimate space for couples to communicate in private. Using its handy set of features, you can create a chat room that no one but the two of you can access and customize it to suit your individual romantic needs and wants. The protected chat allows you to store photos, videos, and notes, create schedules and save all the precious memories you two share.

#5 Dirty Games Truth or Dare

The beloved game just got more exciting and naughy Spice things up with your partner by making each other give truthful answers to sexy questions or do slutty dares. If the two of you are not a shy lot, this app will be a perfect way to live out new experiences and get to know each other’s most intimate desires.

Final Thoughts

We hope that one of the mobile games for couples described here will help take your relationship to a new level. Do you agree that mobile games can improve one's love life? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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