Mobile Call of Duty: Quick Fix

Call of Duty – top-rated gaming franchise – joined the mobile world in October 2019. And within the first week, the shooter was downloaded 100 million times, making it the most popular game ever! Many players used iPhones, so across about 100 countries, Call of Duty Mobile was the most downloadable app on the iOS App Store. However, this launch was not that smooth and flawless as we would expect.

Available on Android, iPad, and iPhone devices, this first-person shooter also has bugs (like any other mobile game) like freezing or sudden crashing. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale with its legendary game modes, absolutely fascinating maps (like Hijacked and Nuketown), times, and unique weapons, require perfect connectivity.  

Troubleshooting Guide


To help you fix Call of Duty Mobile black screen or assist you when your Call of Duty keeps crashing, we compiled this to-do guide. Hopefully, these simple steps will get your application up and running again effortlessly and free of charge.

1.       Reboot your smartphone or tablet.

This good old advice can fix almost any issue and on any device. Just tap (or swipe) the magic Restart button after pressing the Power button.

2.       Update the app.

Check for the available updates for your Call of Duty Mobile in the Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iOS devices) and install them.

3.       Update the device software.

Sometimes an out-of-date software on your device can result in various bugs. That is why it is crucial to keep the latest version installed. If you missed the notification, refresh your device’s software manually.

4.       Clear the application cache.

An expired or corrupted cache can stop the app from working well. To be sure it functions properly, you need to delete the residual files stored in the app cache. As this sometimes can be tricky, we decided to take you through the process below.

On an Android device, go to Settings – Apps – Show system apps (in the context menu). Choose the app, tap Storage, and then Clear cache. iPhone and iPad users also should go to Settings, then tap Safari after swiping down. Another swipe down, and you need to tap Clear History – Website Data – and tap to confirm.

5.       Connect to a reliable wifi.

Call of Duty Mobile needs 1 GB of storage space as its modes are online. Connecting to a stable wifi signal has a couple of advantages. It prevents you from facing endless loading messages or being thrown away at the edge of the battle.

Also, mind that many mobile operators deliver low wireless speed after you exceed a certain amount of loaded data, which may poorly connect you to the Call of Duty servers and cause extra mobile internet expenses.

Free, Simple and Helpful

Though these tips may seem too simple and obvious, you still can try them before reaching out to professional hardware or software maintenance. Sometimes these straightforward actions could be helpful.

Did you do anything of the above to take your FPS back to life? Share your life hacks on how to fix the Call of Duty Mobile when experiencing issues.

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