Top 5 Mobile Games this Winter (iOS)

Not everyone was taking a rest this holiday season. Developers were working hard on new games, as well as on patches and improvements of the old ones. Here you’ll find our top of the games launched in December 2018. Some of them are long-awaited and free, others are not yet known, but each has a chance to become your favorite time-eater this winter.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion. Room Rebels

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion game poster

Beautiful graphics and strategic gameplay alongside everyone’s favorite story can make this Ubisoft mobile novelty your first download of the year. The game consists of missions that take place in different rooms where one of your killer teams has to face rivals, traps, and treasures. You evaluate the mission before it starts, and choose the most suitable team for it and the team member for every room. Nothing else depends on you, and sometimes it’s sheer luck. As in previous versions, every essential aspect of the game connects with a countdown timer, and you’ll probably have to watch a lot of adds on the way to completing the mission. At least it’s free.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance. More Towers at Your Service

Kingdom Rush Vengeance gameplay

A fantastic sequel to its previous versions, Vengeance adds 12 more towers to defend and lets your champions have their sets of special abilities from the very start of the game. The gameplay is as smooth and pleasant as ever, the graphics are enchanting, and the path of upgrades is perfectly arranged. Five of the towers are paid, and you will have to watch adds and make small payments for extra weapons, but that doesn’t stop Kingdom Rush Vengeance from being the top tower defense game of our time.

Rebel Inc. Fight the Chaos

Rebel Inc gameplay screenshot

Rebel Inc. is a multilayered strategy game with a complex set of rules reminding of its predecessor, Plague Inc. Here you don’t have to deal with sickness anymore, and your country is infected with rebellion instead. To deal with rebellious, doubting and just tired civilians you can use a variety of methods from military intervention to investments in education and healthcare. This won’t be easy, but Rebel Inc. will make you think and consider every possible option in an exhaustive fight with the chaos.

Alphaputt. A Designer’s Golf

Alphaputt gameplay screenshot

This game is simply the most beautiful mini-golf course you’ve ever had. Every level is a meticulously drawn letter with lots of pretty detail and interactive elements. The letter is a part of a word that makes the whole game. Words can be as long as you like, you can arrange them yourself or choose from the game options. The randomness of the game is also its weak point: the choice of letters can get frustrating sometimes, and you won’t have the complete picture of a full golf set. Still, such a golf game is a feast for the eye.

Cat Lady. Win for Your Kitty

Cat Lady gameplay screenshot

Cat Lady is a card game: you get a 3x3 grid of cards and must choose one of them taking turns with real and AI rivals. When you harvest a row or a column of cards, one of your cats gets a food item or something nice to play with. The best cat lady is the one with the fed and content cats. Competivity and cuteness of the game are addicting, but currently, it’s also filled with bugs, and you will have to wait for the patch to experience it fully.

No Time to Waste

With so many recent games you cannot waste your time reading this article. Immerse into the sequel of your old favourite or try something new from our top choice. Winter is the time for quality gaming!

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