Immortal Rogue Action Game In Need of Beta Testers

In the modern world full of similar action and roguelike games, it is hard to find a real treasure. So the best way is to take your breath and dive hoping for the best. This is when indie and retro-like Immortal Rogue comes to the stage… which is your mobile.

Hack and slash genre is as old as the hills. Well, not so old of course. But close enough. You can find tons of such games for a console, for PC and also for mobile. It is not a coincidence that there are multiple numbers of them in the world. The thing is – hack ‘n slash is still one of the best genres in the game industry, no matter how many similar clones were produced over the last years. There are still proposals we can’t refuse of.

Immortal Rogue was made by Foolish Mortal Studios, represented by Kyle Barrett, as another version of hack ‘n slash pixel indie project. And it is already proved its uniqueness from similar games. For starters, it combines retro-style we really love and miss with the exclusive mobile experience.


There is a swipe-based navigation scheme that works surprisingly well on a touchscreen. Actually, it is extremely easy to learn navigation, even without all these animated gifs on the official website of the game. They are useful, nonetheless. But, nah… who needs them?

Try swipes to move the character anywhere you need. Taps are responsible for attacks. If the action is too fast for you, tap and drag it. To release a heavy attack you can pull up the aiming arrow. This is basically it. Now you can master your Jedi skills right in the game. Remember, the game still in beta version, it is a great chance that you will meet minor or heavy bugs.

After several attempts, you may learn to play by using only one hand. That’s a nice option considering you may want to hold your phone as well.  Try drinking your morning coffee and playing at the same time! You’ll never know your true talents until you try.


Immortal Rogue graphics

To be honest, graphics are not the best thing in the game. It is really primitive. And there is a big chance that it was made this way on purpose. Now it looks retro. And retro is always popular.

Who knows? There is a mix of dark and poorly detailed landscapes with bright flashes that leaves your sword on enemies. Maybe we will see more landscapes later after the game will be officially released.


Immortal Rogue actually has a creative storyline in it. You are playing for an ancient vampire that wakes up every hundred years for a snack. And it is up to you who will be the next victim/food. Don’t rush with the decision. The whole game universe will change according to it.

You can try different timelines with new enemies inside, and special items to receive. For example, there is a samurai you can kill using the rocket fist or slice cyborgs into pieces with magical katana. The best thing about the game, is while every fight is really challenging, and defeat is terrible, you can’t die for good. Allies and enemies will both patiently wait for your return.

There are 70 enemies you can fight. And above 30 awesome new vampire abilities that will be opened one by one with the new skills you master and levels you passed. Besides, there are over 30 weapons as well. Hundreds of random characters you can hunt or turn into allies. Make your choice.

By the way, there are fun dialogues between you and your creator Dracula who does not even remember how he created you. He might be one of the most dangerous enemies to have. You may want to train on easy targets before.

Immortal Rogue gameplay screenshot


The game is highly addictive, once you are in. There are plenty of options you can choose, and every new move can change the story. Treasures you may earn, possibilities that open up in the game, the variety of timelines you can jump in, make you want to come back to Immortal Rogue again and again.

Beta testers on Android are required

The developer is hoping to engage more people in testing the beta version of the game before the official release. You may be one of the lucky testers. Join them or wait for the official release in the nearest future. Since it is a beta version, you may notice bugs there and errors, so it is up to you whether you want to be the first one who noticed bugs and reported to the developer or waits for the already edited variant.

On the forum where he gathers participants in his beta-testing group, he mentions that the most important for him is feedback after 10-15 minutes of a game. Barrett writes that while the game was made to be complicated, it must not be hard because of bugs or problems with controls.


  • Convenient tutorial for gamers;

  • Active connection with developers of the game;

  • Surprisingly brutal and adventurous life of immortal vampire you may want to play;

  • Creative timelines and unexpected characters promised to meet us inside the game;

  • Bosses that will be really complicated to kill.


  • The game is still in beta version so there will be bugs and errors in it, and we are not really sure how big they are.

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