Color Bump 3D Essentials: How To Live Through All of The Game 100 Levels

Color Bump 3D is an action game with elements of a logical puzzle that can become your favorite app or your worst nightmare. It’s not as easy as it seems and requires your full attention and strategic thinking. The game doesn’t have a high graphics level and wouldn’t try to gain your attention with general prettiness, but you won’t be able to stop playing it because of its fantastic toughness that gets even worth with every level. It’s a free app, but you may have to watch adds from time to time to get through some of its insufferable the levels. We’ve prepared an article on tips, tricks, glitches, cheats, and an ultimate guideline for the game.

Color Bump gameplay screenshot mobile
The gameplay is quite simple: all you do is push through blocks and balls of white color and avoid meeting any other colors and shapes. Sometimes you will have to push a white block to make space for yourself, remove a colored obstacle or make a shield out of it. If you touch a colored block and even if it accidentally falls on you, you will get killed, and the game will start from the beginning. To push a colored obstacle out of the way, get to the white one so that you wouldn’t have to touch the colored ones, and move your block to make a chain reaction. You must be careful not to block your further path with the obstacles you move. Luckily, there’s no timing in Color Bump 3D, and you can have some time to think through your level combination. In case you need to stop and think, softly move your ball from the top to the bottom of the screen while counting the possibilities of moving through the mass of colored obstacles.

Besides holding the ball to yourself, you can push it gently or shoot it upwards and let the colored obstacles fall in all directions at once. However, if you see a moving colored shape, it would be wise not to shoot at it right away, as it tends to stop when touched, and, therefore, can block your way for good. The ball is movable back and forth as well as from side to side, and you will have to use it’s mobility to the maximum. Shooting the bigger obstacles is the smartest way: they will make a massive impact and push aside greater quantities of obstacles due to their size. The small ones are easy to launch too, but they are not half as effective, especially when you face a significant hurdle. You can pick large obstacles and send them not just straight ahead, but also to the sides.

The physics of the game often seem weird to the players, but you get used to it after a dozen levels. And that’s where we get to the cruellest part: Color Bump 3D is not just impeccably tough to play it also doesn’t let you save your progress. You move smoothly from one level to the next without any breaks and main menu screens. The good news is you don’t have to start from the very first level if you die. When you got kicked by a coloured shape, watch closely! There’s an ad video that you will have to watch to continue from the same level you left off. You can skip the whole video by waiting 3 to 5 seconds and hitting a small dark grey "no, thank you” button. If you’re tired of waiting for a tiny button to appear on your screen, but you’ve already become a fan of Color Bump 3D, you can pay $5.99 for a special No Ads Version of the game. You won’t be able to save your progress anyway.

There are a hundred of levels in Color Bump 3D, but not many people got to the end of it. It’s not just the inability of saving your progress. You must be patient and quick to analyze the level and get all the right moves. Still, for the experts in strategic thinking, this simple app (and AppStore says that children of four can play it!) can become an addiction.

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