5 December Apps For Android Not to Be Missed in 2019

December apps often come in Beta versions and seem to be hastily made, so they can get to us in time before the year ends. Still, if you look hard enough, you may find your new favorite app for the whole next year. We’ve made a list of 5 best Android releases of December 2018. In all the holiday mess you could overlook some treasures. Think of this list as your very last Christmas present.

My Board Game Collection. Every Geek Companion

This free app makes up a splendid game archive and will be a perfect choice for board game enthusiasts. You will be able to put all your game collection in order and wouldn’t need to spend hours on searching for a game box in the closet to specify something in its manual. This thoroughly made app synchronizes with Board Game Geek database, so all the basic games and their additions are present here. You can arrange your collections and share the game info with friends. It’s in Beta now so that you may experience some bugs and instabilities. However, this is a promising app for board game collectors.

00:37. Fitness Made Easy

00:37 app screenshots

An open beta version of the most minimalistic fitness application ever. There’s nothing here beside a timer and some sets of the exercises. You can name and change your exercise order the way you like. It’s not an educational app, and it’s not meant for any guidance, but it can become your home screen favorite if you’re into sport professionally and know what you want to do today and how you want to do it. Non-intrusiveness and minimalistic design will gain this app a solid fanbase.

WakingNews Alarm Clock. An Old School Way of Waking Up

Walking News application screenshots

Remember those old alarm clocks with built-in radio that started speaking ceaselessly to wake you up? They’re back in this new app! You set WakingNews Alarm Clock on time you want to get up and it raises you by reading news feeds from every possible source. It has such services as HuffPost, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Engadget among many others. You can organize the sources to listen to the most critical information first thing in the morning. It’s free but isn’t too stable yet.

Fluid Navigation Gestures. Personalized Set of Controls

Fluid Navigation Gestures app screenshots

This app is one of the most significant breakthroughs in gesture control technology. Boost up your control possibilities by assigning a new set of gestures to your device. When adding new gestures and special commands to them you make your own strategy of configuring your smartphone or tablet. You can also hide the navigations with ADB. It’s the smoothest version of gesture-controlling apps existing today. And the price is reasonable too: no more than $1.99.

PlayJ. A Chat for Slackers

PlayJ application screenshots

This app may seem weird for those who never called their friend to play a local desktop game simultaneously or to watch a TV programme. It’s merely a video chat app that includes many possibilities of having fun together while having a conversation. You can play games together or share a funny video with friends and see their reaction right away. It’s available on Google Play in open beta right now but has potential as your next favourite fun chat.

Your New App Is Waiting

Whether you’re a passionate news consumer, a fitness guru or boardgame geek, Google Play has an exceptional December release for you. Oh and you can control your brand new app with gestures, by the way!

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