Survey for Contracting Canada Magazine Readers

Complete this survey by May 30, 2018 for your chance to WIN a UEi DL489 HVAC/R Clamp Meter a $356 Value
Compliments UEi Test Instruments and Contracting Canada

Please note only one entry per person will be entered into the draw

Please help us meet your information needs by answering the following questions:

1. Did you read the Tool articles in this issue and if so was this information useful?. Yes No

2. Are you interested in information on the latest products, technologies and innovations featured in this issue and at the CMPX Toronto show? Yes No

3. Will you attend the CMPX Toronto show in March? Yes No
3a. If No, please tell us why.

4. Are you loyal to any specific brand(s) of cordless tools? Yes No
4a. If No Please tell us why or why not.

5. Are you interested in information on the latest refrigerant leak detection and identification instruments? Yes No
5a. If Yes would this information be helpful in your buying decision? Yes No

6. Are you or is the company you work for a member of an organization or service providing training and business support services? Yes No
6a. If No, would you be interested in information on organizations that provide these services? Yes No

7. If you use social media (i.e., Facebook, Instagram and Twitter), does it provide sufficient information for you to make your buying decisions for the tools, instruments and products you want to purchase? Yes No

8. If you work in the plumbing sector, does your wholesaler have a showroom where you can take or send your customers to select products for their new bath and kitchen installation or reno project? Yes No
8a. If not, please tell us how you select products.

9. Please check the products you plan to purchase in the near future:

Cordless Power tools

Corded Power tools

Instruments, Diagnostic test meter

Instruments for temperature measurement

Infrared temperature gun

Combustion analyser

Instruments for Airflow measurement

Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm

Drain cleaning equipment

Drain inspection equipment

Pipe & tubing cutting and crimping tools

Pipe threading, bending & grooving equipment

Pipe freezing equipment

Sheet metal working tools & equipment

Refrigerant recovery equipment

Refrigerant charging & evacuation equipment

Refrigerant analyzer

Refrigerant leak detection

Business management software programs

Welding and/or brazing equipment, torches

Vehicle shelving, ladder carries & storage systems

9. Would you recommend Contracting Canada to others? Yes No.

10. From which wholesaler do you receive Contracting Canada magazine:

11. Please tell us what you like best about this issue Contracting Canada:

12. What would you like to see in Contracting Canada magazine:






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Note: Odds of winning depend on total number of eligible entries received. Only one entry per person will be entered into the draw.

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